View of the basin in the morning
View of the basin in the morning

Welcome to the Montreal Rowing Club!

The Montreal Rowing Club (MRC) was founded in 1987. We are a non-profit amateur sports organization, managed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteer members. Our mission is to promote and practice rowing, an Olympic sport, in the greater Montreal area.

The club has over 400 annual and summer members, as well as participants in various rowing programs. We offer competitive, masters, recreational, high school, collegiate/university and corporate rowing programs as well as Learn-To-Row courses.

We are located at the Olympic Basin in Montreal, a rowing facility "par excellence". Direct legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games, the Olympic Basin remains the only of its kind in North America.

Our club is the largest rowing club in Quebec, and among the 5 largest rowing clubs in the country. We play an important role in the development of elite rowing athletes in Quebec and Canada. Each year several athletes become member of the provincial, national or Canadian Olympic rowing teams.