MRC's teams performed at the Paton Challenge

3 07 2012, 10:50 pm

Challenge Paton 2012

The Paton Challenge took place at the Laval Rowing Club on Saturday, June 16th, 2012. The crews from the Montreal rowing club performed very well.

Each crew participated in two events; the first being a 3000 m head race around the Paton Island, and the second being a straight 1000m sprint.

Three Montreal crews won gold in their respective categories. Kelly Donivan finished first in the women’s 1x and completed the course around the island in 13:55.1 and the 1000 m race in 4:10.86.

Julia Durham and Laurence Bouchard won the women’s 2x with a time of 13:07.06 for the 3000 m race and 3:54.89 for the 1000 m race.

Finally, Donivan, Bouchard, Durham, and Jasmine Blais came out on top in the women’s 4x, completing the 3000 m course in 12:09.62 and the 1000 m course in 3:36.93.

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