Welcome to
Montreal Rowing Club

A place for everyone to learn how to row, get in shape, race, and be a part of a wonderful growing community.

Welcome to
Montreal Rowing Club

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Welcome to the Montreal Rowing Club

Whether you are looking to start a new sport, be a part of our community, or ready to race, we would love to help you get there. For almost 40 years the Montreal Rowing club has been a landmark on Ile Notre dame and its beautiful Olympic basin. We are a thriving community of rowers, both young and old, challenging themselves to new heights. We have a program for everyone, and are always excited to bring new people into our exciting community.

We Love to Race

Our competitive race group is always chasing their next challenge. We compete nationally and internationally every year, sending our athletes to the top level. Competitive rowing is a large commitment with amazing rewards, both physically and personally. Inquire about our competitive program if you or your child might be chasing their new challenge.