How to become a member ?

Each member must pass through a quick process to become fully registered before they can row with us every year.

Step 1

Register to Rowing Canada


Use the registration link below to create your profile and request to join our rowing club. We will approve your request after registration.

Rowing Canada Aviron

Step 2

Choose your desired program


Once step 1 is completed, register for the program using our Amilia portal.
Follow the link below and select your desired program for the year.

Amilia Portal


Not sure where to start?


  • If you are  new to rowing, you must complete our learn-to-row program
  • If you have prior experience, choose either master’s  or our competitive program

Need help? Please send us an email with your questions and concerns.    $

Learn to Row

Our Learn to Row program comprises of two levels, each consisting of four classes that progress through teaching single sculling. Level one emphasizes basics, direction, security, and stability, utilizing pontoon floats for added stability. Progressing to level two involves rowing without pontoons, focusing on increased power and finesse. Rowing, especially single sculling, is challenging for adults, but our coaches ensure a supportive and safe learning environment. Completing  both levels grants membership to our rowing club, fostering a sense of community. Comfort in open water and strong swimming skills are prerequisites due to the boats’ tendency to tip. We prioritize teaching water confidence and safety throughout the classes. Please contact us for more information about our  Learn to Row program.


Looking to try something new in the summer months ? Join our afternoon junior rowing program,  three days a week where we teach all the essentials to becoming a single sculler and getting comfortable in the boat. Slowly we build fitness and confidence to become strong rowers. Boys and girls aged 13-17 are welcome, and it’s the perfect age to start learning our amazing sport!! Once completed we integrate younger rowers into our junior race program. By learning to train seriously, and eventually racing,  our young rowers transform into impressive young adults.


Our competitive racing, and race development program is designed for athletes aspiring to race at the national and international levels. Our club continues to develop athletes along this pathway with great success. Previous experience is not a requirement, but athletes are expected to adopt a race mindset. Our competitive race team is made up of local high school, Cegep, and University rowers from across our community. While we train hard all year long towards a sport that we love, it’s our community and values that keep us going as a team.

Masters / Recreational

Our recreational rowers come from all backgrounds, but we all love rowing for the same reasons. Whether they be old racers from another era, or simply new graduates from our learn-to-row programs, our adult evening recreational rowing program is a home away from home for all our  members. Once we teach you the basics and get you moving on your own, everyone is integrated together, mixing and matching boats and rowing partners. Those who still want to race are encouraged to do so, as our club attends and competes at more than a dozen competitions every year across the country.  So whether you are just looking to keep moving on the water, or keep racing at your best, the Montreal Rowing Club will keep you going.